Which are the best-selling cycling jerseys of 2019?

December 31, 2019 4 min read

Which are the best-selling cycling jerseys of 2019?

We look in detail at the best-selling cycling jerseys that Prendas Ciclismo has available to buy online during 2019.


At the end of our busy Christmas sales period, we collated our sales data and published our best-selling cycling jerseys for the year.

Which cycling jerseys should you be wearing this summer? Is your favourite cycling jersey featured on our list?   Read on to find out.


Our top 10, best-selling cycling jerseys of 2019

Would you like to know what the best cycling jerseys of 2019 are?
(Arrows and captions depict changes from 2018 countdown)

  1. San Pellegrino Retro Jersey No change in position from 2018.
  2. Molteni Arcore Retro Jersey Moved up from last year.
  3. La Vie Claire Retro Full Zip Jersey No change in position from 2018.
  4. Peugeot BP Michelin Retro Jersey Moved down from last year.
  5. Peugeot BP Michelin Black Retro Jersey New entry on the chart.
  6. St Raphael Geminiani Quinquina Retro Jersey Moved down from last year.
  7. Ferretti Retro Full Zip Jersey New entry on the chart.
  8. Milk Race Jersey New entry on the chart.
  9. Omloop Van Vlaanderen Race Jersey Moved down from last year.
  10. ADR/Agrigel/Bottecchia 1989 Retro Team Jersey New entry on the chart.


San Pellegrino Retro Jersey

#1 on our list is once again the San Pellegrino retro cycling jersey.

After selling a short zip version (which is now under £40 and reduced to clear) for a number of years, we have now introduced a full-zip version of the popular San Pellegrino cycling jersey.

We hope that customers, especially who ride in hotter climates, will enjoy the addition of a full front zip for added ventilation.


Molteni Arcore Retro Jersey

Runner up is the Molteni Arcore retro jersey. It has jumped up four places from last year which we suspect is down to losing the rainbow bands on the collar and sleeves in addition to the full front zip.

It is also interesting to see the black version of the Molteni jersey drop out of the top ten for the first time since we started our annual countdown.


La Vie Claire Retro Full Zip Jersey

#3 on our top-selling jerseys is the La Vie Claire retro jersey - it's the same place as last year!

Based on Piet Mondrian's iconic geometric artwork, giving it a truly unique appearance in the peloton, the jersey consistently sells well for us during the Spring/Summer months and once again makes the third step of the podium.


Peugeot BP Michelin Retro Jersey

#4 on our best-selling jerseys is the popular Peugeot jersey. The white background with its iconic checkerboard pattern is unmistakable and truly authentic.

The Peugeot cycling jersey was the first retro jersey that we introduced to our range of cycling jerseys.  That early version did not feature any petroleum logos, and although we did sell a licenced Shell version for a number of years, the BP version is now a firm fixture.

For those asking, we have asked, but have been unable to gain permission from Exxon Mobil for the Esso version.


Peugeot BP Michelin Black Retro Jersey

#5 on the best-sellers is the black Peugeot jersey. By inverting the colours, we've created a garment that we feel looks stylish, bold & original and unlike the white version, it has a full zip too. 

We certainly think this small amount of artistic licence has created something very special.

If you'd like to learn more about the Peugeot cycling team we have an insightful blog article on the team's history and the riders.





St Raphael Geminiani Quinquina Retro Jersey

#6 is the St-Raphaël retro jersey, down one place from last year, was made famous by Jacques Anquetil. We're big fans of it's bold and dramatic lettering across the chest set against some wonderfully accurate colours.  So much so, that we introduced a long sleeve version of this popular jersey at the tail end of 2019.

Anquetil took the St Raphaël cycling team to new heights in cycling folklore that we shall probably never witness again.  Learn more about it via our blog if you are intrigued.


Ferretti Retro Full Zip Jersey

#7 on the list is our modern reproduction of the wonderful Ferretti team jersey from the 1970s. The jersey was made famous by the Swedish Pettersson brothers with Gösta winning the 1971 Giro D'Italia which must have promoted their Italian Kitchen business during their national tour.

Author & journalist Herbie Sykes who looks back at the meteoric journey of the Ferretti cycling team over on our blog


Milk Race Jersey

#8 of best-selling jersey countdown is the Milk Race Jersey, our second garment from the Forgotten Races collection.

The multi-coloured, diagonal stripes are influenced by the old leaders' jerseys and gotta lotta bottle on the sleeve was a marketing slogan used on posters and programmes that we like from the 80s.

If you never witnessed the Milk Race in person, or even if you did, check out these four blog articles that include some wonderful rider quotes from inside the peloton.


Omloop Van Vlaanderen Race Jersey

#9 on our list of best-sellers is the Omloop Van Vlaanderen Race Jersey from our Forgotten Races collection.

Featuring an array of Belgian cobbles, the colours of the Belgian flag provide contrast on the collar, sleeves and the zip.


ADR/Agrigel/Bottecchia 1989 Retro Team Jersey

First on our list of best-sellers is the bright and colourful ADR retro jersey.

We commissioned a new full-zip version to celebrate the 30th anniversary of what was the best edition of the Tour de France.

As well as the short sleeve, we also have an authentic-looking ADR cycling cap and long sleeve.


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