Molteni Arcore Retro Cycling Clothing & Caps

We are in the process of restocking our retro jersey collections, delivery is expected in February 2022, but some designs may arrive sooner. 

Eddy Merckx was the star rider of the Molteni/Arcore which was an Italian team that ran from 1958 until 1976. Whilst Merckx was the most famous rider, Gianni Motta, Franco Balmamion and Marino Basso also contributed to the list of victories that has topped 663 race wins!

The Prendas "Retro peloton" was actually without the Molteni team for a few years, but we are pleased that it's includes the original Molteni/Arcore short sleeve retro jersey as well as both a short sleeve black as well as long sleeve versions of both, all hand made in Italy by Santini utilising modern fabrics for your comfort on the bike.

Discover who the Molteni Arcore cycling team where and which riders provided this Italian team with their victories in this exclusive blog article by Pedr Charlesworth.

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