How to Order

Ordering online from Prendas

Ordering online is the most efficient method for us as it is a more streamlined process. This allows us to keep our prices low and to satisfy more orders per day. The added benefits for you is you can view the progress of your order, get emailed when it has been packed and receive a tracking number (where applicable). Once you have received your order, it is also easier for you to exchange and/or return any items.

October 2016; A screen shot of the new website

In October 2016, we launched a new web site to overcome a variety of issues facing both new and repeat customers. The new website supports a variety of different ways of browsing and it's an added benefit that we now have a text search at the top of every page.

Many features have stayed with the new website, but improvements include:

  • A better experience when viewing our website on smart phones / tablets
  • Improved product photographs that you can magnify
  • Account creation, to save you re-keying of your personal details
  • Better payment integration of PayPal.

Selecting your items

If you are unsure of your size or selection, you can of course contact us for help.

Screen shot of the new checkout process

Once you have added them to your cart, you can then proceed to our new checkout which now includes far better PayPal integration.

Still don't want to order online?

If you do not wish to pay for you items online, you can select "Pay by Telephone" and then call us with your card details. 

By doing this, you will still get some of the benefits from ordering on-line just your card details will not be transmitted over the internet (which is very safethese days due to a variety of technologies such as SSL, Verified by Visa, etc).

Alternatively. if you prefer not to, you can contact us and we will process your order completely over the telephone.

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