Size Guides

Sizing: Step 1

As virtually everything that we sell is made in Europe, the sizes are SMALLER than what you would expect from UK/US/AUD sizes. This is why we take time to ensure we illustrate the different sizing measurements.

If you wish to view the sizing information, scroll down the page and click "Size Guide" to reveal the guide. 

Screenshot: Step 1

Sizing: Step 2

Here you can see the summary size guide. This is useful if you want to quickly view the sizing of the garment. If you want to reveal the full size guide, then you can simply scroll down to display it.  Worth pointing out here that not all products have a more detailed chart.

Screenshot: Step 2

Sizing: Step 3

The detailed size guide is then revealed which will enable you to compare an existing garment that you own, measure it like we've done and then compare the sizing.

If you are measuring a UK/US/AUS garment do not be surprised if the size is 1 or 2 sizes different.

Screenshot: Step 3

If you are unsure, you can of course contact us for help.


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