Santini Cycling Jerseys & Caps

Founded in 1965, this family-run Italian cycling brand has grown magnificently in stature in the years since, now acting as a technical sponsor to the UCI, Vuelta a Espana and serving as a leading presence in the cycling world.

Why choose Santini? The brand provides four vital reasons why cyclists choose their brand: Fit, Performance, Comfort and Durability. They pride themselves on being able to provide these with their unique brand of cycling clothing and caps.

As well as telling you how great their clothing is, they live, breathe and sleep it. "Great cycle clothing should fit so well that you don't even notice it,” says Monica Santini, Santini's CEO and we agree wholeheartedly.

At Prendas Ciclismo, Santini is our biggest supplier and it's because we share their passion for the cycling products that they create. We have a wide range of their products in stock, including retro cycling jerseys, cotton cycling caps, bib shorts and much, much more.

What are you waiting for? Browse our range of Santini Cycling Clothing today.

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