History of Prendas Ciclismo

Prendas Ciclismo

Founded in May 1996, Prendas Ciclismo began with a mission to address the challenges cyclists faced in finding decent clothing through local bike shops. Mick Tarrant, the founder, drew upon his eight-year experience in cycle retail, realising a deeper passion for riders' attire over their choice of bikes. Supported by his previous success in a bike emporium, Mick ventured into making his dream a reality.

Initially stocking only Etxeondo, the Basque manufacturer, Prendas Ciclismo's offerings expanded as Mick, now managing his business, forged connections with Sportful in Italy, the supplier to the renowned Mapei team. Road trips to Italy led to collaborations with various manufacturers, many of whom remain Prendas' suppliers today.

A desire to own a 'Bonjour' French Champion Jersey took Mick to Santini in 2001. Their kit deal with the Mapei Team in 2002 saw Prendas doing big business with this legendary and highly respected Italian manufacturer to the extent that they are now a main supplier.

The rise of the internet significantly boosted global demand for Prendas' unique products, with shipments reaching unexpected corners of the world.

Despite lacking a computer, Prendas had a website as early as 1999, enabling online orders via webmaster Andy's home PC, which he faxed to Mick. The company's commitment to supporting aspiring cyclists is evident through its backing of the Dave Rayner Fund, raising substantial funds for the cause over the years.

In 2021, Prendas underwent another ownership change as Andy departed, and Cycling Brands, the team behind Shutt Velo Rapide, took the reins. Despite big changes in the retail landscape, Prendas remains distinctive, avoiding the allure of cheap manufacturing and maintaining direct relationships with high-end manufacturers in Italy, Spain, and Portugal. With a lean supply chain, Prendas eliminates unnecessary links, delivering quality products without premium prices.

While the cycling landscape has evolved, Prendas takes pride in its dedication to researching vintage maillots, preserving history through modern performance fabrics. The company's uniqueness extends beyond retro offerings, with an exceptional accessory range that consistently represents excellent value.


The Prendas Team

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