Prendas Cycling Club

Prendas CC

Prendas CC is a global, no-hassle cycling club that’s totally free to join. Membership is open to all Prendas customers worldwide who want access to discounts and deals from Prendas Ciclismo, plus a chance to ride in Prendas colours wearing kit from our club shop.

Just fill in the simple form below to register

Why join?

As a member of Prendas CC, you’ll receive exclusive discounts at Prendas Ciclismo plus invitations to sales not open to the general public. As soon as you join up, we'll email you a 15% discount code to use any time on the Prendas website. And you'll be eligible for special discounts if you decide to order custom cycling kit from Prendas.

Our club kit is online and ready to order. Purchase all the kit you want for riding and racing at discounted prices. You can use the kit for everyday riding, and if you're UK based you can register with British Cycling for racing too. If you’re already a member of another club - you can still join Prendas CC ‘second claim’ and enjoy all the benefits and offers. There’s no obligation to do anything else!

Prendas Cycling Club


We are putting plans in place right now for this year’s member events, including a couple of Cyclosportives where you’ll receive special invites. Details once we have them - but we'd like to have a few chances for people to meet up with us and other members throughout the year.

How do I join?

Annual membership costs nothing. You can sign up using the simple form below and we’ll do the rest. On receiving your completed form, we'll send you your confirmation, plus your unique discount codes to use on the Prendas website.

We have a club page on Strava, which you can join here.

Club kit

Our club kit is online and ready to order. And as an added bonus, if you join the club today, you'll receive a special one-off discount code for 20% off your first purchase of the club kit. There is a huge range of items to chose from, so join up and start shopping today! 

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