Cycling Gloves

Here at Prendas we offer a variety of gloves to keep you riding all-year round!

Chances are if you've ever fallen off your bike without gloves, you'll always wear gloves for protection in the future! Summer gloves (sometimes referred to as track mitts) also provide some added comfort with padding on the palms to help you ride a bit further.

Spring/Autumn gloves are available as an intermediate solution for when it's too cold for short fingered summer gloves/mitts and not cold enough for a full-on Winter glove. They have long fingers with thermal protection while retaining breathability and importantly flexibility. Something that's also worth considering when buying gloves for Spring and Autumn is the grip available on the palms. With more rain often about - grip that allows you to hold onto the bars and to still be able to accurately control the brake/gear levels is essential. Of course some people don’t feel the cold that much, so might benefit from using a glove designed for Spring/Autumn during the Winter months.

Riding in the Winter is not always a lot of fun - so by keeping you hands (and feet) warm is often a priority for riders. Sometimes Winter gloves alone are not enough, so the Prendas Super Roubaix Spring/Autumn gloves double up as inner gloves for added insulation.

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