MAPEI Retro Cycling Kit

At Prendas Ciclismo, we live and breathe iconic cycling brands and teams and very few teams carry more gravitas than MAPEI. It's why we are really pleased to be able to offer a range of MAPEI cycling clothing and jerseys that will help you relive those amazing days.

With all of the hype surrounding modern super teams like Team Sky, Movistar and more, just take some time to remember some of the names that were on the mighty Mapei Roster: Fabian Cancellara, Filippo Pozzato, Cadel Evans, Michael Rogers, Frank Vandenbroucke, Andrea Tafi, Paolo Bettini, Tom Steels, Tony Rominger, Abraham Olano, Johan Museeuw, Oscar Freire, Gianni Bugno, Michele Bartoli, Charly Wegelius. And the list goes on...

We sold the MAPEI kit way back in 1996 and are still so pleased that we can offer this Santini-made version that they also make for the MAPEI company's cycling employees.

Check out this article for a potted history of the team that saw them rack up 653 victories! 

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