Our best-selling cycling jerseys of 2020

January 01, 2021 4 min read

Our best-selling cycling jerseys of 2020

We look at our best-selling cycling jerseys that were available to buy online during an unforgettable 2020.


December is our busiest time of the year, with your orders being picked, packed, and shipped every hour of our working day to you all over the world.

Our now-annual countdown of cycling jerseys that we publish between Christmas and New Year is a great side-project that we enjoy producing for you to see if the jersey(s) you have purchased made it to the top 10 sellers.


Our best-selling cycling jerseys of 2020

(including changes from the 2019 countdown)

  1. La Vie Claire Retro Jersey  Moved up from last year.
  2. San Pellegrino Retro Jersey  Moved down from last year.
  3. Molteni Arcore Retro Jersey  Moved down from last year.
  4. Peugeot BP Retro Jersey No change in position from last year.
  5. St Raphael Retro Jersey  Moved up from last year.
  6. Peugeot BP Black Retro Jersey  Moved down from last year.
  7. Omloop Van Vlaanderen Race Jersey Moved up from last year.
  8. Ferretti Retro Jersey  Moved down from last year.
  9. Watneys Beer Retro Jersey New entry on the chart.
  10. Salvarani Retro Jersey New entry on the chart.


La Vie Claire Retro Jersey

La Vie Claire Retro Jersey#1 on our top-selling jerseys is the La Vie Claire retro jersey.  It is the first time this iconic jersey has topped the top 10 best-selling list after placing 6th in 2017, third in both 2018 and 2019.

Based on Piet Mondrian's iconic geometric artwork, the jersey is a top-notch reproduction by Santini who originally made the team's clothing back in the 1980s, when it was often at the head of the professional peloton.

With our free cycling bottle offer still in place, you can order either a short sleeve or long sleeve version and receive a free matching La Vie Claire water bottle making it an even sweeter deal.


San Pellegrino Retro Jersey

San Pellegrino Retro JerseyAfter three straight years at the top of the charts in 2017/2018/2019, the San Pellegrino retro cycling jersey is this year's runner up.  It's tough at the top!

In what was a incredibly close battle with the La Vie Claire, this highly visible retro jersey will still be seen on aplenty weekend rides all over the world, and if you're yet to make the leap, we've now added the free bottle offer to both versions of the San Pellegrino too as an added incentive.


Molteni Arcore Retro Jersey

Molteni Arcore Retro Jersey#3 is the Molteni Arcore retro jersey. Made famous by the greatest of all time Eddy Merckx, the Molteni Arcore jersey was frequently seen atop the podium in the 1970s.

You can learn more about the Molteni Arcore team in our blog or take a look at our full range of matching accessories if you want the complete look.

Just like the San Pellegrino, we've added the free bottle offer to both short sleeve and long sleeve Molteni Arcore jerseys.


Peugeot BP Michelin Retro Jersey

Peugeot BP Michelin Retro Jersey#4 on our best-selling jerseys is the popular Peugeot jersey. The white background with its iconic checkerboard pattern is unmistakable and truly authentic.

New for 2021 will be the very welcome reintroduction of the Peugeot Shell retro jersey (the Peugeot Shell cap has already arrived) which will be available in early January.


St Raphael Geminiani Quinquina Retro Jersey

St Raphael Geminiani Quinquina Retro Jersey#5 is the St-Raphaël retro jersey, which shows consistency in our countdown with a 5th, 5th, 6th to its credit since 2017.

Made famous by Jacques Anquetil, we love the bold and dramatic lettering across the chest set against some wonderfully accurate colours. 

The long sleeve version of this popular jersey has proved super-popular too with a recent delivery from Santini having just arrived.





Peugeot BP Michelin Black Retro Jersey

Peugeot BP Michelin Black Retro Jersey#6 on the best-sellers is the black Peugeot jersey. Although not 100% authentic in terms of it's inverted design, we think this small amount of artistic licence has created something very special.

If you'd like to learn more about the Peugeot cycling team we have an insightful blog article on the team's history and the riders.


Omloop Van Vlaanderen Race Jersey

Omloop Van Vlaanderen Race Jersey#7 on our list of best-sellers is the Omloop Van Vlaanderen Race Jersey from our Forgotten Races collection.

Featuring an array of Belgian cobbles, the colours of the Belgian flag provide contrast on the collar, sleeves and the zip.


Ferretti Retro Jersey

Ferretti Retro Jersey#8 on the list is our modern reproduction of the wonderful Ferretti team jersey from the 1970s. The jersey was made famous by the Swedish Pettersson brothers with Gösta winning the 1971 Giro D'Italia which must have promoted their Italian Kitchen business during their national tour.


Watneys Beer Retro Jersey

Watneys Beer Retro Jersey#9 of best-selling jersey countdown is the Watneys Beer retro jersey. The Watneys Beer cycling team of the early 1970s was used to promote the brand's popular Watneys Red Barrel across Belgium.

We've seen some really poor examples of these jersey being reproduced in the past, so it was really important that we got it right. So we set about getting numerous team postcards from eBay, ensuring we were able to get this 100% spot on.

Herbie Sykes recently found a 1971 example of an original wool team jersey and posted it on social media, and we are delighted how well our repro compares - a job well done!


Salvarani Retro Team Jersey

Salvarani Retro Team Jersey#10 on our end of year countdown is our recently revised Salvarani retro jersey. We first sold a version of the Salvarani in 2007, but the new and improved version now features a full front zip as well as a few design tweaks for improved authenticity.

Dating from the 1970s, the Salvarani jersey is most associated with the late Italian Felice Gimondi who aboard a Bianchi bike won all three Grand Tours despite the presence of the great Eddy Merckx.


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