Our best-selling cycling caps of the year!

November 08, 2020 5 min read

Our best-selling cycling caps of the year!

We delve into the best-selling cycling caps of the last twelve months that Prendas Ciclismo has available.


At the end of every October, we collate our sales data for the previous 12 months and publish our best-selling cycling caps for the year.  We normally do a countdown on Twitter, announcing the top 10 day-by-day, but this blog collates them all in one place for you to read.

Is your favourite cycling cap be featured on our list?   Please read on and see!


What are our most popular cycling caps of 2020?

Would you like to know what the most popular cycling caps of 2020?
(Arrows and captions depict changes from 2019 countdown)

  1. Molteni Retro Cycling Cap No change in position from 2019.
  2. San Pellegrino Retro Cycling Cap Moved up from last year.
  3. Mapei Retro Cycling Cap No change in position from 2019.
  4. Peugeot Retro White Cycling Cap Moved down from last year.
  5. Black Cycling Cap New entry on the chart.
  6. Brooklyn Retro Black Cycling Cap New entry on the chart.
  7. 7-Eleven Retro Cycling Cap New entry on the chart.
  8. Peugeot Retro Black Cycling Cap Moved down from last year.
  9. Cinelli Jungle Zen Cycling Cap Moved down from last year.
  10. Clement Tubulars Retro Cycling Cap New entry on the chart.


Molteni Retro Cycling Cap

Best cycling caps: 1) Molteni retro cycling capOnce again, #1 on our countdown is the all-black Molteni retro cycling cap.

Inspired by the stylish long sleeve wool jersey issued to the Molteni team riders in the sixties, this popular cap features the team's logos, a Scudetto on each side and of course a triple colour stripe down the centre of the cap.

Whilst it doesn't come as a huge surprise that the Molteni black cap is at the top, it is a revelation that the more authentic Molteni Arcore cap has dropped out of this year's top ten.


San Pellegrino Retro Cycling Cap

Best cycling caps: 2) San Pellegrino Retro Cycling Cap Our San Pellegrino cap is now the perfect match to our short and long sleeve jerseys thanks to a recent adjustment of the exact hue used in production - which will no doubt please the perfectionists amongst you (and us).

The new version only arrived in October, so it will be interesting to see how sales are affected next year with a full 12 months sales behind it.  Maybe it will nudge the Molteni off the top spot?


Mapei Retro Cycling Cap

Best cycling caps: 3) Mapei Retro Cycling Cap What more can we say about the multicoloured Mapei cycling cap?

Once again the Mapei cap is #3 on our list of best-sellers, but the same unfortunately cannot be said for the rest of the cycling kit, which is why you'll find the Mapei team jerseys and bib shorts now reduced to clear.


Peugeot Retro White Cycling Cap

Best cycling caps: 4) Peugeot Retro White Cycling CapThe now-iconic checkerboard design was first adopted by the Peugeot Cycling Team in 1963 with riders like Tom Simpson and Eddy Merckx both wearing a Peugeot BP team cap like this during their career.

New for 2021 will be the very welcome reintroduction of the Peugeot Shell kit with a cap and full zip, short sleeve jersey both available mid-December.


Black Cycling Cap

Best cycling caps: 5) Black Cycling Cap With so much variety and colour on offer with our cycling cap range, you might ask yourself why we offer a plain black, white, red or blue cycling cap?

Sometimes customers simply like the simplicity of a plain cap (albeit with a contrasting 15mm Prendas logo), or buy them in 5s or 10s to take to a local printer to get names/logos/etc applied.

From time to time, creative types just want to let themselves loose with a plain cap and a Sharpie in hand to create their own unique design.





Brooklyn Retro Black Cycling Cap

Best cycling caps: 6) Brooklyn Retro Black Cycling Cap The black version of the Brooklyn cycling cap was not made famous by Roger De Vlaeminck but writer/director/producer Spike Lee in She's Gotta Have It when he played Mars Blackmon in the 1980's low-budget hit movie.

Whilst the blue version of this cap is the only one that RdV and his Brooklyn team mates wore, the different colour variants of the Brooklyn caps continue to be popular with you all with Black, White, Blue, Red and Pink all available.


7-Eleven Retro Cycling Cap

Best cycling caps: 7) 7-Eleven Retro Cycling CapSimply a classic cycling cap of the 1980s, the 7-Eleven cycling cap features in our top 10 for the first time. Founded in 1981 by Jim Ochowicz and Olympic medalist Eric Heiden and sponsored by the US convenience store chain, the team broke plenty of new ground including Andy Hampsten's remarkable '88 Giro d'Italia as well as Tour de France stage victories.

If you want to find out more about this ground-breaking team, we recommend Geoff Drake's Team 7-Eleven book that catalogues every episode of the teams decade-long run.


Peugeot Retro Black Cycling Cap

Best cycling caps: 8) Peugeot Retro Black Cycling Cap The inverted black Peugeot cap is a stylish alternative to the traditional and authentic white version that's at number four in our countdown.

For us, the darker colour cap is certainly a more practical option when riding in early Spring or Autumn when a white cap can show the dirt and grime that we often encounter.


Cinelli Jungle Zen Cycling Cap

Best cycling caps: 9) Cinelli Jungle Zen Cycling CapPart of Cinelli's Art Program, the Jungle Zen cycling cap is a colourful collaboration with the Italian Illustrator Lida Ziruffo.

Not a day goes by without picking some of these fun Cinelli cycling caps like Eye of the Storm, Sharp Teeth (also by Ziruffo), and City Lights but Jungle Zen is still by far the best-selling cap of the range.


Clement Tubulars Retro Cycling Cap

Best cycling caps: 10) Clement Tubulars Retro Cycling CapWith tan-walled tyres making a welcome comeback on modern road, gravel and mountain bikes, the name Clément was a familiar sight on many bikes during the 1980s, with their silk Criterium Seta and Seta Extra tyres saved for race-day wheels.



Our three favourite cycling caps of 2020

So now you know what our best-selling caps have been of the last 12 months. We are constantly adding cycling caps to our range, and the following three caps are our personal favourites that didn't quite make the top 10 this year.


Campagnolo Cycling Caps

Campagnolo Cycling Capsp After an absence of many years, you can now buy a variety of authentic, Italian-made Campagnolo cycling caps featuring classic designs in various colourways including this black cap that are all officially licensed, are well made, and are built to last.

We are delighted to be able to bring them back to our range after keeping in touch with our contact at Campagnolo since they disappeared.


Combination Classification Cycling Cap

Combination Classification Cycling Cap Our fun and colourful Combination Classification cycling cap celebrates the long-lost Tour de France Combined Jersey - Maillot Combiné - previously awarded to the best all-round rider in the 1980s.

As well as the this striking striking cycling cap, we also have cycling gloves, a breathable Summer baselaser and Coolmax cycling socks in our TdF Combination Classification capsule collection.


Buckler Retro Cycling Cap

Buckler Team Retro Cycling Cap This accurate reproduction of the 1990s Buckler Colnago cycling cap has literally just arrived!

As worn by the likes of Eric Vanderaerden, Erik Dekker, Frans Maasen, Jelle Nijdam, Dave Rayner, Steven Rooks and our favourite Edwig Van Hooydonck aboard their lavishly painted Colnago bicycles, Buckler took over the headline sponsorship of the team from Superconfex–Yoko.

Incredibly, the current Team Jumbo-Visma team is related to this long-running Dutch pro team setup.


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