Safir Ludo Galli 1981 Wool Team Jersey

January 18, 2018

Safir Ludo Galli 1981 Wool Team Jersey

The GS Safir Galli Ludo team was centred around the fabulously-named Herman Van Springel who spent his final year as a pro with the team in 1981.

Although he was not just there for the free bike and racing jersey, he won the incredibly lengthy Bordeaux-Paris pro race for the seventh time (other victories: 1970, 1974, 1975, 1977, 1978, and 1980).

Most of the 20 riders in the team were Belgian, but early Australian pioneer John Trevorrow was on the team as well as Canadians Richard Meehan and Ron Hayman (latterly of the US 7-Eleven team).

The SAFIR team rode the 1981 Giro D'Italia with a special version of their team jersey with the French freewheel manufacturer Maillard taking centre stage.

In March 2018, an accurate replica of the SAFIR Ludo Galli jersey will be available to buy as part of the Prendas retro peloton!

Garment features:

  • Wool short sleeve jersey
  • Actual team jersey
  • 15cm front zip
  • Flock lettering
  • Incredible level of detail
  • 2 rear button-down pockets

Prominent riders of the Safir cycling team:

  • Andre Dierickx
  • Jean Philippe Vandenbrande
  • Etienne Van der Heist
  • Benny Schepmans
  • Willem Peeters
  • Ronny Van Holen
  • Herman Van Springel

Further photographs of the Safir Ludo Galli Jersey:

The back of the 1981 Safir Ludo Galli team jersey

The back of the SAFIR jersey is pretty much the same as the front, just with the 2 buttoned pockets added.


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