Safir Galli Maillard 1981 Wool Team Jersey

January 19, 2018

Safir Galli Maillard 1981 Wool Team Jersey

During the late 1980's there wasn't a serious road bike shop in the land that didn't have an impressive wall-mounted display board, that housed what we thought at the time was a huge variety of sprockets, that could be combined into a 5-speed or 6-speed Sachs-Maillard freewheel for your training or race bike.   13-21 was my own personal favourite.

Obviously, things have progressed a little since then...

Some bright spark at Maillard must have thought they'd like to get their name about a bit during the 1981 Giro D'Italia, so the French freewheel manufacturer's name was prominently placed on Safir's team jersey for the event mainly at the expense of the team bike supplier Ludo cycles who remained on the shoulders.

All delicately applied to the wool team jersey using flock lettering, you can compare the two versions if you wish as the standard 1981 Safir Ludo Galli team jersey is also available to view.

Garment features:

  • Wool short sleeve jersey
  • Actual team jersey
  • 15cm front zip
  • Flock lettering
  • Incredible level of detail
  • 2 rear button-down pockets

Prominent riders of the Safir cycling team:

  • Andre Dierickx
  • Jean Philippe Vandenbrande
  • Etienne Van der Heist
  • Benny Schepmans
  • Willem Peeters
  • Ronny Van Holen
  • Herman Van Springel

Further photographs of the Safir Ludo Maillard Jersey:
The back of the Safir Galli Maillard team jersey by Santini

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