Shutt Superstretch Neoprene Overshoes

+ NEW + Improved Design

Shutt Superstretch Neoprene Overshoes are designed to resist the worst the British weather has to offer. Now with toughened toe area and reinforced sewn ankle cuff. 


  • 1.5mm Superstretch closed cell neoprene to keep feet dry and warm.
  • No zips or Velcro to wear out or break
  • Super stretchy Spandex outer and inner layers for a great fit
  • Reflective rear panel and Shutt logo on rear for added visibility
  • Toughened sole to prevent wear
  • Compatible with most popular cycling shoes
  • Tough flat locked seams for a virtual one piece design 

Sizing Guide

XS = 39 - 40.5
S = 41 - 42.5
M = 43 - 45 
L = 45.5 +

Obviously some shoes have bigger and more chunkier soles than others, so these sizes are our suggestion from testing them ourselves.

Fitting tip: Put the overshoe on the leg first and put the foot through the front hole for the cleat. Put the shoe on the foot, then pull the overshoe down and over the shoe for a snug and protective fit. 


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