SH+ RG5500 Cycling Sunglasses

Introducing high-performance eyewear with Photochromic lenses, specially designed for speed enthusiasts, cyclists, and triathletes. These glasses excel in varying light conditions, offering a perfect blend of comfort, style, and value.

With a lightweight Nylon frame and an adjustable non-slip nose pad for enhanced grip during perspiration, these glasses provide all-day comfort.

The Reactive Flash lenses, powered by NXT®, are unbreakable for life and offer exceptional light management and sun protection. They darken rapidly in response to sunlight, improving contrast, visual acuity, and depth perception. Their reduced internal stress and chromatic dispersion result in sharper images and increased viewing comfort compared to polycarbonate lenses.

Experience high-performance and comfort with lenses always in perfect optical alignment, complemented by the glare-reducing revo lens coating.

For added safety, all SH+ glasses feature integrated hinges and soft thermoplastic elastomers to reduce injury risk in falls, impacts, or collisions.

NXT Reactive Flash Color lenses feature innovative photochromic particles, swiftly adapting from low to high light transmission. Available in three colors with Laser mirror coating options, they enhance contrast, visual acuity, and depth perception even in low-light conditions, all while providing outstanding eye protection.

What sets them apart from most standard photochromic lenses is their complex manufacturing process, where they are fused into the polymer mass for enhanced durability and optical superiority.

Reactive Flash Colour lenses are made with NXT ™ technology which guarantees:

  • Lightweight;
  • Superior optical quality;
  • Stability over time;
  • Resistance to solvents.

NXT ™ is much stronger than glass and weighs less than half of it; furthermore, unlike other high impact polymers, NXT ™ has a very similar refractive index to glass.

The performance of a sunscreen does not only depend on the material from which the lens is made. It does not even depend on the colour of the lenses, but on the type of filtration. The visual performance of a lens depends on the light absorbency chosen for each radiation length.

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