ADR/Agrigel 1989 Retro Team Bib Shorts (MAX2 Insert)

Size Guide
Size Guide: Santini Bib Shorts

Our  size guide is here to help you get your bib shorts from Santini to fit correctly - first time round!

Unfortunately, the sizing of bib shorts is not an exact science (unlike jerseys) so the information presented here is in good faith and  just a guide so please don't hold us responsible if they don't fit!

If you are at all unsure - we would be very happy to advise - simply email us your height, weight, chest and waist (the final two dimensions will give us a feel for your overall build) and we will happily offer you some advice based on over thirty years of working in the cycle clothing industry.

Whilst many of our competitors still quote waist sizes, this dimension actually has very little relevance when it comes to bib short sizing. This part of the garment will stretch almost indefinitely.

Your height and weight are the two most important dimensions. The size chart below gives you an indication, but exact sizes may vary depending on individual body shapes as well as fit preferences.

It is also worth noting that some models fit up longer ( Santini EDGE) whereas some models fit up shorter ( Santini MAX2).

Size Guide:


Size Height Weight
XS Up to 165cm Up to 65kg
S Up to 170cm Up to 70kg
M Up to 175cm Up to 80kg
L Up to 180cm Up to 80kg
XL Up to 185cm Up to 85kg
XXL Up to 190cm Up to 90kg
3XL Up to 190cm Up to 100kg
4XL Up to 195cm Up to 110kg
5XL Up to 195cm Up to 120kg
5XL Up to 195cm Up to 130kg


Highly accurate retro team bib short with Santini`s new and improved MAX2 seat insert and silicon leg grippers.

  • Exclusive to Prendas!
  • Santini MAX2 seat insert
  • Made in Italy
  • Mesh Braces
  • Design by Fergus


Virtually every archive photograph we found in our collection was either Lemond in yellow or in action during the final time trial wearing a skinsuit, so re-creating the bib shorts was far easier than the ADR jersey itself.  

These highly accurate team bib shorts feature mesh braces, Santini`s MAX2 seat insert and silicon leg grippers. The ADR and Agrigel are on the opposite sides to that of the jersey side panels, re-creating the look perfectly.
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