Prologo Scratch NDR 140 Nack

Born from the close collaboration with the professionals of 8 MTB teams supported by Prologo, the Scratch NDR is the off-road evolution of the already established Scratch M5. A new saddle with racing DNA, specifically designed to compete and win in Cross Country and Marathon races at the highest levels.

Designed to tackle any type of climb

The Scratch NDR inherits from the Scratch family the compact dimensions (250mm x 140mm) and the Multi Sector System technology: different mapped and separated zones, with specific features and functions for the XC and Marathon disciplines.

The two lateral-rear sections are designed to guarantee greater stability and comfort when pedaling in a rear position on long climbs. The variable density EVA foam padding is 3mm thicker in the back to provide maximum support. The cover of these sections is completely smooth, to facilitate movement out of the saddle.

The innovative central-front section, on the other hand, is specifically designed to tackle the steepest and most technical uphill sections, thanks to a large flat surface that offers a comfortable support base even when it is necessary to pedal at the tip of the saddle. The covering features in this section a Grip Cover with a horizontal texture, to maximize grip and help maintain the forward position in the saddle.

Anatomical shape for off-road disciplines

The anatomical shape of the Scratch NDR has been redesigned to adapt to off-road disciplines, moving the "anatomical center" back by 5mm to increase the biker's freedom of movement and make pedaling in the rear position, typical of when tackling long distances, more efficient.

Closed saddle with Active Base System

To offer a more desirable and flatter support surface in the central-front part, the Scratch NDR does not have a central exhaust channel. A solution that makes the saddle more comfortable when pedaling at the tip, also offering greater protection against any dirt and mud coming from the rear wheel.

The base of the saddle is made of long-fibre carbon and features the characteristic Active Base System: a hole under the padding that allows further pressure relief and thus increases comfort during pedaling.


For the more performance-oriented bikers, who are looking for a rigid saddle and maximum lightness, the Scratch NDR is available in the version with Nack (Nano Carbon Fiber) rail composed of carbon fibre, Kevlar and aluminum filaments, with a weight of 166gr.

  • Measurement: 250x140mm
  • Weight: 166g

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