Prologo Nago C3 Nack

The Nago C3 is a semi-round saddle built purely for road riding. This saddle is made from Prologo's C3 Carbon composite base, a special compound that has allowed Prologo to make curved saddles under 170g but still maintain the stability and performance of heavier saddles.

The Nago uses Prologo's C3 (Carbon Composite Compound) which is a technology that involves the use of a monocoque carbon fibre construction, offering ultra-light performance that structurally is more solid than conventional materials currently used on the market. This innovative process allows the manufacturing of products that can be as little as 149g and increases the mechanical resistance by over 13%. These features, combined with the 'high density' padding, allow C3 saddles to achieve a high level of performance and comfort.

The Nago saddle also uses Prologo's ESD technology. ESD (Ergonomic Shape Design) is where Prologo have identified a new ergonomic design for the centre of the saddle, which allows more space for your legs and an overall better cycling position. Further to this, the ESD reduces the friction of the quadriceps against the body of the saddle.

The Nago saddle uses a Nack rail which is a monocoque carbon structure. Prologo's R&D department has engineered the seat post clamping area by a specific nano carbon fibre technology named BRC (Braided Carbon Rail) in order to support an extremely high level of stress when the seat clamp is tightened. The Nack rail is Prologo's top level rail combining unbeatable stiffness with extraordinary lightness.


  • Size: 275x139mm
  • Rail: Nack Carbon 7x9.3mm
  • Cover: Microfibre
  • Padding: Light Foam
  • Weight: 150g

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