Prendas Cordura Black Oversocks

Ideal for damp and cool conditions, these black Cordura oversocks are breathable, quick to dry, durable and provide the perfect intermediate solution when a full overshoe is too warm.

Black was the original colour that our oversocks were made of and we now offer three additional colours including fluro yellow, fluro orange and fluro pink - all the same price and multisaver.


  • A perfect intermediate garment for when an overshoe would be too warm
  • Made in Italy using Cordura yarns
  • Stitched heel and cleat holes, therefore no scissors required!
  • Multi-Season, Multi-Use
  • Available in blackfluro yellowfluro orange & fluro pink

Choose your oversock size

Back in the dim distant past, some bright spark decided to cut a cleat hole in an overlarge pair of cycling socks and wear them as a shoe cover.

Although we can safely say that it was Edwin van Hooydonck who cut down a pair of bib tights to make a 3/4 bib tight, origins of the oversock is a bit more blurred but Laurent Jalabert was an early adopter of the style.

Our own version of this 'design' classic is a bit more tech than these prototypes as they are produced in 'Cordura' fabric which is breathable, quick to dry, durable and provides good insulation.

Another feature is that the heel and cleat cut outs are stitched around to prevent immediate fraying in these areas - unlike some of the more expensive competition.

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