Prendas Can't Jump Cycling Cap

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A homage to the iconic cycling cap sported by Wesley Snipes in the cult classic "White Men Can't Jump"

  • Made in EU
  • Composition: 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton
Back in 1992 a great little movie starring Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes playing a couple of streetwise basketball hustlers was released. Whilst the Harrelson character sported a battered baseball cap, Sidney Deane, played by Snipes favoured cycling casquette chic.

One of them was a very flamboyant Colnago cap which was a far cry from anything resembling regular cycling cap design. This was always a favourite of ours and sometime later a cache of these was discovered in one of Mick's frequent Euro road trips in a section of a warehouse that time had forgotten. Prendas were well pleased with this find and proceeded to introduce the cap to the selection we had on offer at the time. All fine and dandy, but then Colnago in Italia and associated importer got the hump and shut us down, effectively elevating this iconic cap to legendary status.

Recently, there was a "lightbulb moment" and the thought "Why don't we get it done with Prendas replacing Colnago" as it is too good a cap to let go.

Here is the outcome of our endeavours, we hope that you like it. Faithful to the original design idea but with the legend "tradizione, passione ed emozione" (tradition, passion and emotion which just about sums up the Prendas mission statement) replacing "Telaio di Bicicletta da Corsa" (road bike frame)

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