DMT Pogi's White Shoes

Pogi's represent excellence in a road cycling shoe. Responsive, elegant and comfortable beyond imagination. Featuring an AeroSafe pocket for laces, a breathable AeroFlex upper, and a Flex Fit collar for a snug fit. The carbon sole ensures efficient power transfer, and the pulley closure system simplifies lacing. Additionally, the left shoe has an emergency ICE-Key tag for vital information.

Key Features:

  • Full Engineered 3D Knit upper with ultralight construction
  • Variable thickness and knit structures for ultimate comfort
  • Eyelets for integrated laces
  • Aerated SL carbon outsole
  • 8mm front-rear cleat adjustability

Aerosafe Pocket, breathable aeroflex upper and flex fit collar

Integrated into the shoe, DMT's AeroSafe pocket allows you to store your laces safely and compactly, ensuring an aerodynamic and high-performance silhouette. Their exclusive knit technology is enriched by an advanced new yarn, making it the perfect combination of aerodynamics, strength, and a functional futuristic look. The Flex Fit collar gently wraps your foot with a combination of elasticity and support, ensuring a snug, comfortable fit for the duration of your ride, even for long distances.

Carbon sole and Pulley closure system

Made from a special blend of high-strength unidirectional carbon fibers, the sole offers efficient power transmission and optimal stiffness so you can push your limits with confidence and security. Built-in 3D channels and the new pulley closure system guarantee optimal support for the foot, simplifying and ensuring the lacing process. When combined, the carbon sole and pulley closure are designed to improve performance and comfort, both in competition and training.

Ice Key 'LIfe Saver' Tag

The left shoe contains an NFC device through which, in case of emergency, rescuers can immediately identify the injured person and get important information about them, such as vital stats and clinical data (blood type, allergies, current medications, diseases, etc.).Through an app, athletes can enter all their personal and medical data and upload relevant documents (ID, driver's license, etc.). It can also store the numbers of people to contact in an emergency, with whom you may share your location when sending an SOS.


  • DMT's propriety knit technology is not only truly revolutionary, but features across their full range, all the way from the highest level down to their entry level models. This means it offers ALL cyclists for the first time, whatever their level of riding, a shoe that fits as comfortably as a glove!
  • Engineered 3D Knit features a multi-layer, once piece construction which flexes and conforms to the individual shape of each rider's foot, offering a truly comfortable and customised fit.
  • Mapping technology has been used to design the different integrated structures within the knit, insuring perfect support for the foot across all areas. The upper wraps around the foot without compressing it in any way
  • DMT Knit is not only incredibly lightweight, but it is also highly breathable, wicking moisture away from your feet, much like the fabric of your cycling jersey works to keep you dry when you are riding hard.
  • No seams, no excess material and no stitching equals no pressure point
    EU Size

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