Chateaux D'Ax Salotti F. Moser Retro Cotton Cycling Cap

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Our Chateaux D'Ax Salotti retro cotton cycling cap is an accurate reproduction of the original team cap that Gianni Bugno and his teammates aboard their Moser team bikes used to wear during the 1989 season.

After reading a wonderful piece on Bugno by Daniel Friebe in issue #236 of Procycling magazine (including some very interesting snippets of information that we didn't know about his 1990 Giro D'Italia win), we just had to recreate this classic cap to our retro cycling cap collection.

We will not be selling a matching retro jersey, however, in the meantime, we have an original Nalini Chateaux D'Ax Salotti jersey for you to enjoy in our cycling jersey collection.


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