Shutt Signature Cycling Socks

Cyclists care about socks, and Shutt makes cycling socks worth caring about.

Constructed from Air Mesh with a diaphanous web on top of the foot and a high-density band around it. Which is another way of saying they’re amazingly comfortable, breathable and supportive. We’ve added Meryl Skinlife antibacterial fibres so that bacteria will not grow in your socks - or even in your shoes - and flat-seam toes so you won’t have the nagging urge to stop and remove your shoes mid-ride just to fiddle with your socks.

These ones measure exactly 9cm to the ankle cuff and they’re perfect for those who strongly believe cycling socks should be predominately black.

Don't like black socks? Check out our white socks

Size guide

S/M is up to UK size 8 (42)
L/XL are UK size 9+ (43+)

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