Forgotten Races: The Peace Race

To continue to be successful, we do plenty of forward-thinking and planning ahead; however, for inspiration for new products, we also spend a fair bit of time looking back to great races, riders and teams of the past.

After all, history is absolutely rich with iconic cycling teams, races and achievements and we want to bring you all as much as this amazing history as we can. With this in mind, we have created some branded merchandise for the Peace Race.

The Peace Race was an iconic Cold War era race in the Eastern Bloc and was created to foster a sense of peace and good relations between several Central European countries.

Known as the Tour De France of the East, the race spanned three countries in the Eastern Bloc of the time: Czechoslovakia, East Germany & Poland.

This was a purely amateur race, with riders not being allowed to be professional, and attracted amazing cyclists from all over the Bloc.

Buy our range of Peace Race branded cycling clothing today and be a part of an amazing history.

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