Peugeot Retro

Long sleeve jerseys

The iconic and instantly recognisable Peugeot jersey was actually the first retro jersey that Prendas sold. During a lengthy meeting in the Santini board room, Mick noticed a photograph of Sean Yates incorrect captioned as Phil Anderson.

Cue the light bulb moment "Can you make that jersey for us?" and the rest is history! Like the actual Peugeot team itself, we had the various petroleum logos on the shoulder and for the moment we are delighted to have the BP version with us once again in a range of sizes.

Whilst matching coolmax socks and cotton caps have been available for many years, the Peugeot checkerboard bottle was introduced in 2017 with matching Summer gloves, bib shorts and long sleeve jerseys completing the Peugeot retro collection for 2018.

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