Jackets, Gilets and Bibtights

If you want to enjoy riding throughout the colder Autumn and Winter months, be it commuting every day, training rides or the weekly club run, it pays to get yourself a decent pair of bib tights and a decent windproof jacket.

Yes, knee and leg warmers when teamed up with bib shorts will work when it's not too cold, but bib tights offer all-round insulation to your legs as well as being more comfortable. We only sell bib tights with seat pads/inserts, and if the weather is a little warmer, why not take a look at some 3/4 length bib tights!

A long sleeve jersey is not always sufficient, and in this case we recommend the use of an additional windproof layer to keep the cold off your chest, so theaddition of the gilet is a sensible choice to any rider's wardrobe.

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