AGU Clothing

AGU has been in professional cycling since the early eighties, making a big impact in 1984 when the sponsored the illustrious Panasonic team, led by Peter
Post, with riders such as Eddy Planckaert and Phil Anderson.

In the 1990s, AGU was the clothing sponsor for the Rabobank team which lasted 16 years, and now in the pro peloton, they sponsor Jumbo Visma.

Prendas will be introducing some new lines from AGU, the first being the Six6 collection, that celebrates their first year of business using design elements from a bygone era, where classic stripes and patterns are interspersed with fun elements.

The Six6 collection offers some wonderful, yet subdued colours for the discerning cyclist with distinctive, stylish outfits for many hours riding in the saddle.

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