How we use your email address

This page provides details of how we use your email address when you order online, sign up to a stock notification alert or our regular sales newsletter.

Ordering online

When you give us your email address on our checkout page, we use that email address to send you a copy of the order confirmation which is sent automatically and is normally delivered to your account within 5 minutes. We use a third party called Mandrill who specialise on transactional email delivery for one-to-one email communication.

Once we have packed your order, our back office system then emails you a shipment update email. If you have selected a track-able service - or if we have deemed that your order needs one (due to the destination country or the value of the order) - the email will contain your Royal Mail Tracking number,

As part of the checkout process, it is optional that you can sign up to our regular sales newsletter. We will not automatically use your email address unless you allow us to do so.

Regular Sales Newsletters

For a number of years, we have operated a regular sales newsletter that is sent by email. In recent years, we have found this to be a more effective way of telling you about new products rather than advertising in magazines (although we do still do that from time to time). You can opt-in to our newsletter when you place an online order or you can do it in the bottom right hand corner of every page.

We use a third party called MailChimp to send out and deliver our newsletters. MailChimp has an excellent reputation so you can be confident that they treat your email address with the utmost respect. You can view plenty of information here in their legal terms and conditions on their website.

Stock Notification Emails

Sometimes, we run out of stock of existing products or we put details of a product on our website before it arrives in stock.

If you would like to be informed when the delivery arrives, you just need to enter your email address on the product page (or sometimes via our Twitter or Facebook pages) and then your email address will be passed to MailChimp who will then deliver the email when the new stock arrives.

Please note: Your email address will only be used for this purpose and once the email have been sent your email address will be deleted and not re-used.

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