Upcycled Micro-wallets

A collaboration with Buck!t... Shutt 'signature' wallets are handmade from upcycled tubular tyres, using latex & butyl inner-tube for the inside pockets.

All stitching is knotted (no reverse sewing!) and sewn off for best strength & longevity. All packaging is 100% recycled or upcycled card. Each type of tubular tyre has its own look depending on its manufacturing / construction.

  • Veloflex ARENBERG- crisp black relief tread with dark grey edges
  • ZIPP Tangente - clean, modern black tread with grey edges; light grey inside
  • Vittoria RALLY - black tread/gumwall with cotton casing
              Please note: the product photos are indicative only. Because they're upcycled the actual tyre used may be more, or less, worn than illustrated.

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