Steel is Real, Carbon is Quicker Cap

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During the 2018 Rouleur Classic, we had an enjoyable catch up with filmmaker Dominic Wade who brought us up to date with his Steel is Real, Carbon is Quicker documentary.

With familiar contributors including Sean Kelly, Philippa York, Sean Yates, Colin Sturgess, Will Fotheringham, Rohan Dubash, Richard Hallett, John Pierce et al, we'd thought it would be wonderful to collaborate on a cycling cap to celebrate the film's imminent release.

With some wonderful artwork provided by Lena Isla, each cap has a classic steel silhouette on one side and a more modern carbon bike on the other side of this white cycling cap.

The film's name is featured across the peak, so peak down if you favour "Steel is real" or peak up if "Carbon is Quicker" is your bag.  


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