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Prendas Deluxe Track Mitts/Summer Gloves

Size Guide
Size Guide: Prendas Gloves
All size guides on the Prendas website have been specifically prepared to help you get the right size garment. We do not use generic charts from manufacturers, we measure every garment that we sell.

Picture showing where you need to measure your hand to determine what size you will need.

How to Measure:
Measure around the widest part of your hand across your knuckles, not including your thumb.

Size Circumference
XXS 17cm 6.7in
XS 18cm 7.1in
S 20cm 7.9in
M 22cm 8.7in
L 23cm 9.1in
XL 24cm 9.4in
XXL 26cm 10.2in
Our ever-popular deluxe mitts are hand made in Italy, and have the same features of many top-end brands.

Why the price difference? That's because we have discontinued the White version in favour of only stocking the all-Black version.



We now have good stocks of our ever-popular mitts that are hand made in Italy. Why pay £30-odd when you can have our logo on them for less!!!!

You may recognise the style of these mitts, that's because the same factory in Italy that makes them for ***** and ******** also makes them for us!

There's no catch here, they simply cost less as we have a leaner supply chain, less marketing to pay for along with various other overheads that do not exist at Prendas!

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