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Prendas Autumn/Early Winter ThermoCool-Carbon Socks

Made from a unique combination of Thermolite, Coolmax and Resistex these hard-wearing socks provide warmth as well as breathability for Spring and Autumn.

The blend of yarns used makes these ideal for people who race in the winter, so if it is hill-climbs, cyclo-cross or mountain biking, these will keep your feet happy!

These ThermoCool-Carbon socks sit between our range of summer socks and our full-on thermal Thermolite Winter sock.

  • Perfect for Autumn and Spring!
  • Combination of Thermolite, Coolmax and Resistex
  • Lightweight/Hard wearing
  • Made in Italy
  • Cycle clothing Autumn essentials:Our guide to what clothing is essential!
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'Credit where it`s due; the new socks are amazing! Warm and breathable. Perfect for autumn/winter and good news for me is the hard-wearing new weave. Keep up the good work.' Dan Fleeman

'I`ve been using the new Autumn socks last couple of days, really is the right place between summer and a full thermal sock and they look sweet.' Dan McLay

After the success of version 1 of the ThermoCool socks, our sock manufacturer provided us with an updated yarn combination and sock design.

The socks are made from Advansa`s excellent Thermo-Cool fabric that is a unique combination of Thermolite and Coolmax to provide a good compromise between warmth and breathability. The 'Carbon' element is supplied by Resistex which gives the sock many extra properties including additional durability.

The nominal temperature range for these socks is 0 to 12 degrees Celsius (32 - 54 degrees Fahrenheit), but of course some people run hot and some cold. So it`s up to you.

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