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Prendas Ciclismo

Les memoires du peloton 2011 Calendar

A retro-inspired 2011 calendar with unique & evocative photos featuring Sean Kelly, Eddy Merckx, Greg Lemond, Bernard Hinault and many others!


'The calendar gives you a warm feeling...the images are diverse but evocative...some great races and some iconic faces...a timeless way to keep track of the year.' Cycle Sport, January 2011..
'Just look at the pictures, containing a quality and ambiance that may just have been lost in the transference to the contemporary digital world.... easily the best purchase you`ll make this festive season' Brian Palmer (TWMP).

2010 was the first collaboration of Prendas Ciclismo and John Pierce (PhotoSport International) and we were delighted with the result!

Many moons ago when I became interested in cycling I often saw photos in the limited amount of printed media available credited to John Pierce/Photosport International. These were the days before the internet and the vast array of cycling magazines available today.

These photos always seemed to depict exotic locations and races that were somehow out of reach and a stark contrast to local time trials/circuit races/etc. Many years later, whilst researching our many retro replica jerseys, we still encountered fabulous photos accredited the same John Pierce.

Further research revealed that John was at all the important races and after a bit of cyber detective work, we had an email address for John and he turned out to be extremely helpful.

What amazed us, apart from the extraordinairy photographs, was the archive that John had amassed over the years. It was unbelievable how long he had been photographing top level cycling and the amount of iconic images he had in his picture library. When we tell you he has covered Le Tour de France 44 times, we kid you not!

We decided that we just had to make some of these images available to all and sundry and what better way to do it than with a calendar. Not only are the pictures unique and very evocative but John`s recall of the moment when he took the picture and the equipment used is remarkable, almost like it was yesterday.
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