Everybody’s Friend Book - The life and career of Dave Rayner 1967 - 1994

Everybody’s Friend is the story of Dave Rayner life before it was tragically cut short.  Dave's career was very much in the pre-Internet age, so the details of his journey from Yorkshire schoolboy to a successful pro rider is very much untold.

Thanks to access to his parents, Serena, close family, friends and old rivals, Peter Cossins gives us all a thoroughly well researched insight into Dave's life as well as the astounding success of the Dave Rayner Fund and of the riders that have benefited from it.


  • All profits from the book donated to the Dave Rayner Fund.
  • A well-research account of Dave Rayner's life by Peter Cossins including his time at the Raleigh Banana team!
  • Paperback book, sent post free in UK
  • Book review By Brendan Gallagher:

Paperback: 138 pages.
Publisher: Pave.
Language: English.
Publication date: November 2015.
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