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DeFeet Dura Gloves (Prendas Custom Version) End of Line Black

Size Guide
Size Guide: Defeet Duragloves
All size guides on the Prendas website have been specifically prepared to help you get the right size garment. We do not use generic charts from manufacturers, we measure every garment that we sell.

Picture showing where you need to measure your hand to determine what size you will need.

How to Measure:
Measure around the widest part of your hand across your knuckles, not including your thumb.

Size Circumference
S 18-19cm 7-7.5in
M 20-21.5cm 8-8.5in
L 21.5-23cm 8.5-9in
XL 23-25cm 9-10in
Due to Defeet updating the technology in their popular DuraGloves it means that we have ended up with various different versions of essentially the same glove each time we have topped up various sizes of our stock. These are the remainder of our old black gloves, one version is the original with the more visible DeFeet and Prendas logos. The other is the updated E-Touch version with all black logos which is compatible with your touchscreen smart phone. Scroll down for some tech info from DeFeet! - Limited stock remaining of these!

  • Actual Pro Issue!
  • Subtle Prendas Logo
  • Made in the USA
  • Non-Slip Palm
  • Multi-Season, Multi-Use
  • Personalized Prendas logo palm grip


Simple but effective, DuraGloves provide protection and warmth for those crisp rides and runs. Made from Coolmax, DuraGloves place wicking fibres next to the skin and a durable shell of nylon outside the glove. Favoured by many top cyclists for Spring and Fall classics, cyclocross and winter training.

Made in the USA, these incredibly durable gloves are a special Prendas custom version that have a subtle Prendas logo, a Prendas inspired palm offering superior grip these are perfect for the Spring and Autumn.

About the E-Touch feature:

" The Duraglove ET, the "Electronic Touch" model of our glove made for cyclists and runners. Riding or running with a touch screened smart phone is all good until you try to use one while wearing long-fingered gloves. That"s when smart phones become dumb. That's why on the tips of the middle finger, index finger and thumb of the Duraglove ET we have added yarn that allows you to operate your device as well as you could without wearing gloves at all. Now you can tap away without removing your gloves. Problem solved. The Duraglove ET is an ideal glove for riding a bike or running. It"s Cordura® yarn plated to the outside of the glove creates an abrasion resistant exterior that blocks enough air to keep you warm, while still allowing hands to breathe during aerobic activity. Another great feature of Duragloves is they are thin enough to allow for plenty of dexterity while reaching into pockets, unwrapping and eating food, and operating electronic gadgets. Keep your smart phone smart. Wear the Duraglove ET."

Made from Coolmax (40%), Cordura (40%), Lycra (20%) and machine washable.

Please note: These gloves are not suitable for deep winter! You would need to choose something like our (excellent) Air Tunnel winter gloves for temperatures near or below zero.

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