Shutt Clarino Endurance Mitts

Designed for long distance comfort and durability, Shutt Endurance Mitts are fingerless gloves featuring black Lycra backs with an elasticated wrist band cuff and double padded Clarino palms. What’s Clarino? Well simply, it’s the highest quality synthetic leather in the world.

Clarino fibres are thousands of times finer than silk, making it extremely tough - yet supple, dexterous, lightweight, breathable and comfortable to wear all day long. Unlike typical leather, Clarino is breathable and washable, and will not shrink, stretch or harden. Clarino repels wind, water, stains and mildew, and can be machine washed.

As a guide, a man’s size corresponds to his body size (Medium = Medium Mitts), whereas a woman’s pair will be one size smaller.


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