Retro Towelling Headband Belgian Flag

Headbands, don't you just love 'em...or loathe them as the case may be. Back in the '70/80's was probably peak headband period, when the likes of John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg, the mega stars of tennis, made them popular in the world of work-out. The craze soon took hold and they were worn regularly in many diverse sports and when Olivia Newton John adopted one for the "Physical" video, they became pretty much de rigeur for work outs and even in discos. Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits would never been seen without one at a concert!

  • Made in Italy
  • Genuine Vintage Headband
  • Elasticated Fit
  • Towel Lining
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They do have a practical use of course, as they prevent sweat running into your eyes and do not trap heat as a cycling cap would on your head. Most pro cycling teams had a team version and in the days before hard shell helmets, they found favour with the likes of Laurent Fignon, Bernard Hinault, Robert Millar, Laurent Jalabert and Alvaro Pino who were often seen in action back in the '80's sporting the humble towelling lined headband.

We often get asked for them and on a recent trip to Italy, discovered these models nestling in a quiet corner of a major cycle clothing manufacturer. Hence, they are 100% authentic and proper retro. They're also useful for indoor training and to a certain extent, prevents pools of sweat gathering on the garage/shed or even lounge floor! They can also be used as a handy accessory when attending a fancy dress function!

Currently, many track and field athletes sport the band and basketball giant LeBron James, along with what seems like just about every other star in the NBA, are seldom seen without it. 

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