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Prendas `Aqua Light` Fluro Overshoes

As well as introducing a new fluro yellow colourway of the popular Aqua Light Overshoes for AW2016, we have also added some matching Aqua Light Gloves ideal for Spring, Early Winter and Autumn.

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Whilst our own-brand `Air Tunnel` overshoes are a fabulous Winter overshoes, we felt they were sometimes too warm for warmer Winter days and Autumn/Spring usage.

So after months of development, both on the drawing board and using prototypes out on the road, we are pleased to introduce these new Prendas `Aqua Light` Overshoes.

Sitting in-between the `Air Tunnel` overshoes for Winter and the Cordura oversocks, these new overshoes are constructed with a light elastic fabric that is treated to resist rain and spray from the road. These overshoes are from the same dependable manufacturer as Air Tunnel. Although the fabric is called 'Aqua Light' and they may seem not as robust as the Air Tunnel model, they are less bulky and do an excellent job. Andy here at Prendas has used them for a daily commute for weeks without suffering from cold or wet feet. They still look in good shape also.

They have a generous velcro tab closure on the rear, allowing us to use a shorter zip that relives pressure on the zip giving it a longer life.

PLEASE NOTE: These overshoes are not waterproof and are not sold as such. They are water resistant, and do a very good job, but the material is not waterproof.
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