Cheap Cycling Jerseys

Whilst it's certainly true that a good quality pair of bib shorts is vital to a comfortable ride, a proper cycling jersey (as opposed to a t-shirt/gym top) will certainly improve your comfort on the bike as well as allowing you to store the things you need like a pump, inner tube, wallet, phone, etc.

On this page we've selected cycle jerseys that are all under £30. These we're either purchased at a cheaper price than our full price jerseys, have been discontinued, or have reduced to clear up free space in our warehouse. These cycling jerseys are cheap in price, but certainly not cheap in quality!

If you're new to cycling, a jersey has a long back and short front and is shaped to fit when you're on the bike with your hands on the handlebars. Simply put, you don't want fabric flapping in the breeze if you're trying to go as fast as possible!

Also worth remembering is that virtually everything we sell is made in Europe, therefore the sizes are SMALLER than what you would expect from UK/US/AUD sizes. One manufacturer's size L jersey will not be the same as another's, so please take some time to take a look at our jersey sizing advice.

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