Time for change at Prendas Ciclismo

June 11, 2021 3 min read

Time for change at Prendas Ciclismo

The road ahead

Some of you will no doubt have noticed that our warehouse clearance is bigger, the discounts more aggressive and many lines have not been reordered as you'd normally expect at this time of year.

Well, there's a reason for that...


On the year that Prendas Ciclismo celebrates our 25th year in business (along with twmp.net) we have taken the difficult decision to radically transform our business so that I (Andy) can pursue a new career in September.

I've been working full-time here since May 2004, and even before that, I worked helping Mick with his fledgling business with a variety of projects in my spare time.

It's been a wonderful journey, with some great trips, some brilliant garments produced and most importantly some life-long friends made along the way.

However, it hasn't been all plain sailing.

Since taking over the running of the business from Mick in 2017, the business has had to battle a number of adverse effects from the divisive BREXIT vote in 2016, many of which hit our bottom line hard.

This has meant that compromises had to be made, but most disappointing of all, it has also resulted in having to say goodbye to some loyal members of staff.

Whilst the COVID pandemic has hit many businesses and families very hard indeed, it has given us a unique opportunity to take stock of our situation, and rethink our future.


So what does this mean for you?

We are currently transforming the way Prendas operates, clearing a large percentage of the stock.  This means no more cycling jerseys, bib shorts.

This will allow us to concentrate on our very popular range of cycling caps as well as a narrow selection of smaller cycling accessories such as our Winter socks & Winter hats.

We will still continue to promptly send out orders, whatever they might contain, with our usual care and attention.

Whilst it has been incredibly tough to make the decision, I am a fan of Prendas just like you, I now feel happy, invigorated and ready to face some challenging/rewarding months ahead.

Just don't call it a mid-life crisis!

Safe riding.



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