Our new collaboration with Relive

February 20, 2018

Our new collaboration with Relive

As early-adopters of Relive, we have long been fans of this fantastic mobile app that turns your riding and running activities into a uniquely visualised video.

We felt an opportunity existed for us to create a collection of Relive clothing that enables you to show your love and support for it too.

After starting the project mid-way through last year, we are now delighted to share with you the Relive collection that is now available to buy.

What is Relive?

Relive is a fantastic service that tracks your riding and running activities and turns it into a personal video that visualises your route showing landmarks, speeds and photos that you've taken allowing you to enjoy and share with your friends and family.

It now it boasts a community of a million people generating over 50 million videos which shows no sign of slowing down.

Adding further fuel to the fire that good ideas only happen out of the office, the idea for Relive started on a cycling trip to Tenerife. When a group of friends enjoyed a beautiful day of stunning scenery and some friendly competition on some tough climbs, they wanted to capture these memories, so the idea for Relive was born!

Relive offer some extra insight into their journey so far on their about page as does this interview on techcrunch.com with the founder Yousef El-Dardiry.


Why do you use Relive?

I first signed up for Relive in 2016, linking it to my own Strava data to generate the visuals.  

Whilst I found Strava to be excellent for tracking performance and other fitness-based metrics, I was looking for something that I could use to allow friends and family to experience some of my rides.  As my kids got older, able to ride further, it was also a nice way of showing them where they'd ridden in our local area during our off-road adventures together.

Some of you may know, I'm really a software developer, so being a data-geek is perhaps not really something that will come as a surprise to you.   Relive is an amazing tool and firmly in my top ten list of apps/websites that I'd wish I'd had a hand in - procyclingstats.com also being on that list.

Being a agile, young company, Relive are continually enhancing your user experience. With place name and photographs now neatly overlayed on your route, for me the ability to Relive your runs was a great addition in May of last year.

More recently, Relive now has its own own GPS tracker in their Android app and iOS app, which means linking to Strava, etc is now optional.

So whether it's sneaking an additional 50km of riding before work, your weekend workout, celebrating your commute to work or simply popping out for some exercise over lunch, Relive is a great tool for any cyclist, runner or lover of the great outdoors.


What clothing is available to buy?

With a colour pallette employed bearing a remarkable resemblance to the Mercatone Uno jersey of yesteryear, we've opted for Santini's BLEND cut, offering you a feature-rich Relive jersey for the best possible price.

Whilst the jerseys using Relive's corporate colours to great effect, the Relive bib shorts have been designed with a nod to subtly, whilst perfectly compliment the other garments in the Relive collection.

For the first time in our history, we have co-launched two versions of a new jersey and we are delighted that the Relive women's jersey will be the first of many.

The Relive running vest will be the perfect choice for setting off and creating some fabulous memories during the Summer, we've no shortage of running routes down here with all of our favourite hills included of course.  Plus there's the inaugural Poole Half Marathon to tame!

As the caps, gloves and socks are sourced from different factories in Italy, there will be a short delay before these become available. but we anticipate them all being available during March.

Click here to see the full Relive clothing collection.

Why not download Relive now!

There's no time like the present! Relive is available as an Android app and iOS app and it's free!

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