• Etxeondo: The gospel according to Prendas Ciclismo

    Accompanying the current boomtime in road cycling, there are of course a plethora of new companies offering and proffering products and reasons why you should buy their own. Consequently, the ensuing "bunfight" has seen some of the premier manufacturers of cycle clothing slightly obscured and overlooked.

    We have re-commenced working with Etxeondo in the Basque County and are extremely happy to resurrect a relationship with a very long history. Our company Prendas Ciclismo was so named as it simply means "Cycle Clothing" in Spanish and was chosen as Etxeondo was the first brand of clothing we sold back in 1996. Mick, the founder had been involved with the brand due to being a customer of Brian Maguire, who imported the clothing initially into the UK.

    The name Prendas Ciclismo was inherited from Brian. Mick took over the importer's role when he was a founder of cycle emporium Primera Sport and sold Etxeondo clothing through the store and by mail order (pre e-tailing) between 1993-1996.

    etxeondo-jaja Laurent Jalabert in action during his time at the mighty ONCE team.

    The clothing was of a superior quality to just about everything else out there and the company constantly strived to improve the products which was greatly assisted by rider feedback from pro teams such as Banesto, KAS, Once, Caja Rural, Reynolds, MG/Orbea and a fledgling Euskadi (later to become the unique and much missed Euskaltel/Euskadi team).

    These teams included great champions, Grand Tour winners and Classics winners with many of the riders based in the Basque Country. Hence they were easily able to constantly monitor R & D. There were many ground breaking developments which are now accepted as part and parcel of current cycling apparel but Etxeondo were first to bring them to the pro and retail sector.

    Gore-Tex rain jackets sublimated in team colours, long sleeve skinsuits which really were skinsuits, roubaix lined bib shorts, alternative colourways for pro teams in races where there was a clash with the leader jerseys, all pre mid '90's, the list is endless.

    They continue to innovate and the clothing continues to be amongst the very best out there and the prices, although not cheap, are in the real world and not overpriced and are manufactured in the Basque Country and not in some far flung production facility where quality can be an issue.

    "The devil is in the detail" as the saying goes and Etxeondo goes the extra kilometre to ensure that the garment will be one of the best fitting and best performing pieces of kit in your cycling wardrobe. Some of our long term customers (and ourselves) still own pieces of Etxeondo kit which is years old and still looks and performs like new.

    A very young Alberto Contador winning early in his career. A very young Alberto Contador winning early in his career.

    They currently clothe the Giant-Alpecin team and Rabo-Liv Women's team. In previous seasons they produced the Giant-Shimano, Blanco and 2013 Belkin clothing. They also provided the unforgettable orange clothing for the gone but not forgotten Basque home team Euskaltel/Euskadi team for many, many years.

    This season (2015) they had the unique distinction of being the clothing provider to Sean Kelly who did the Milan San Remo/Paris-Roubaix double and John Degenkolb the only rider since 1986 to replicated the feat of Kelly, his hero. The delightful leader jerseys/skinsuits from the Tour of the Basque Country are also provided by this legendary Basque manufacturer as they have been for many years.

    Etxeondo's history, achievements and commitment to excellence are recorded on their website Thank you for reading, we hope that you will now be persuaded to purchase an item of Etxeondo clothing if you are not already a committed fan of this exceptional manufacturer.

    Pedro Delgado riding in Etxeondo kit for Banesto. Pedro Delgado riding in Etxeondo kit for Banesto before it changed to Nalini later on in the team's history.
  • Cotton Campagnolo Caps

    It's with regret that we are no longer able to sell any of the Campagnolo caps to our customers.

    Campagnolo Cap Just two of the colourways that the Campagnolo Classica Heritage cotton cap used to be available to buy.

    Due to the trademark agreement between our factory and Campagnolo recently expiring, we are no longer able to sell Campagnolo Caps to our customers.

    If and when this agreement is reinstated - we'll update this page accordingly.

    In the mean time, why not take a look at all of the cotton cycling caps that we do have available!

    We always try really hard to keep in stock a a wide range of retro caps, pro team caps and our own-branded cotton cycling caps - plus we offer two different multi-saver caps deals which allows you to buy a cycling cap for as little as £3.33 each!

  • Santini Maglificio Sportivo celebrates 50th anniversary!

    50years_sqWhen the invite arrived in our inbox from Santini for a party to celebrate their 50th anniversary we didn't think too long before booking the first class Ryanair flights to Bergamo.  Without doubt, Santini are our most important supplier with all of our retro jerseys now made by them in addition to a great range of bib shorts that we are proud to sell.

    Prendas have been in business for over 18 years so we'd like to think we have a small appreciation and understanding what Pietro Santini must have gone through to get Santini Maglificio Sportivo up and running.  Of course, Santini is a more complex business than ours, however it's no doubt been a huge effort to maintain their position in what is now an incredibly competitive and crowded marketplace due to many recent new arrivals.

    With friends, ex-pros, distributors and partners from all around the world, the GAMeC Museum in Bergamo hosted the event  to commemorate an important milestone in the company’s history.

    Highlights of the night were presenting Mr and Mrs Santini with a small gift, watching this touching video with messages from important figures in Italian cycling and of course spending some time with people we don't get to see very often.

    david-telling-a-good-story-as-always As always David (far right) ALWAYS tells a good story! Fergus (left) is the man responsible for the design of many garments that we sell.

    Over the last fifty years Santini has continued designing and producing in Bergamo. It's a choice that is perhaps against every trend that many sports brands take, often out-sourcing to the far east and increasingly parts of Africa and India, but in reality is a key to the company's success.

    San Pellegrino Retro jerseys that are hand made in Bergamo and then made available by Prendas for you to buy all over the world! San Pellegrino Retro jerseys that are hand made in Bergamo and then made available by Prendas for you to buy all over the world!

    A single look through Santini's archive is enough to understand how important and influential this brand has been since it's inception, after all we sell many retro jerseys that Santini was the original team's clothing manufacturer - the Peugeot Shell retro jersey being our longest running member of the "retro peloton".

    Local artists got involved by producing some artwork based on some of the iconic cycle jerseys that Santini has produced over the years. Local artists got involved by producing some artwork based on some of the iconic cycle jerseys that Santini has produced over the years.

    UPDATE: Santini have now produced a limited edition run of t-shirts based on the four designs.  Available to buy from Prendas Ciclismo towards the end of July 2015!

    The following text is reproduced with Santini's permission and shows five symbolic team jerseys that they have chosen to celebrate these 50 years of evolution and of product development.



    Until the mid seventies cycling clothing was little different to the apparel used in the pre-war period, items worn by champions such as Coppi and Bartali. In this period the standard textile of choice were wool blends, (50% wool and 50% acrylic). Both the shorts and jerseys were developed using these materials. The application of these textiles, obviously had numerous limits; seventies wool was not a perfect match for the sport clothing sector, was complicated to work with and not a perfectly hygienic solution.

    The textiles were usually supplied only in solid colours and creative elaboration was limited to very basic geometric inserts of alternative dyed wool fabric. Add to that the complication and cost of the manufacturing process and you had a product that was genuinely time consuming and difficult to make. Additionally up until this point the jerseys still came with shirt style collars and buttoned pockets both front and back. At that time too, the shorts (also made from a wool blend fabric) were not provided with braces and came supplied with a chamois made from real leather - to maintain the flexibility of the chamois, especially after washing and drying, it was necessary to constantly treat it with emollient in order to soften it.

    But the real difficulty was related to the customisation of jerseys adding sponsors names and logos - the text and graphics were embroidered directly onto the garments by skilled workers. Generally speaking, one worker could only finish a maximum of four or five jerseys in one day. As an attempt to speed up the application of logos and text, at times letters and images were cut out from separate fabric pieces and sewn onto the garments.
    THE 70’s/80’s – “SILK” AND ZIPS
    SANTINI SMS santini-rossiWith the arrival of synthetic fabrics like acrylic and other ‘silk-like’ textiles in the mid-70’s, it was the beginning of the end for use of wool fabrics in cycling apparel production. A new era was starting which promised must faster productions times and a higher output capacity of product.

    The production process became more streamlined and automated, leading to an overall better regulation of quality. As such Santini placed itself at the avant-garde of these change and embraced the future; the choice of fabric colours grew and button closures on apparel made way for the zip.

    However still, in some cases sponsor’s names and logos were still embroidered on the garments. Furthermore it became common for shorts to be developed using interlocked synthetic fabrics better styled and designed to a rider’s needs and often packaged more attractively.

    SANTINI SMS peugeot-michelinIn the eighties the use of the leather chamois for bib shorts fell out of popularity, not least because it was deemed not acceptable to actually hunt the Chamois deer for the use of its hide in apparel production. So experimentation began on finding new diverse materials to replace it, often these synthetic fabrics were worked on to promote softness and in some instances materials like rubber were used as inserts in the products. The most notable advancements in textile production saw the introduction of the Lycra yarn into various polyester materials - enabling an incredible degree of elasticity in fabrics that previously had not been achievable.

    Professional cycling saw a huge increase in popularity, an increasing amount of companies used the sport as a means to promote themselves. This often meant accurately reproducing specific colours and logos, which before, when applied by hand to garments, resulted in a time consuming process. So towards the end of the 80’s a new and more rapid solution is born: flocking. A process whereby many small fibre particles are applied to the surface of the garment and bonded in place with a special hot adhesive in the shape design of the required logo or sentence of text. The final result produced a velvety finish to the graphic that looked good but was very intolerant to washing and general wear. As such, at the same time screen printed graphics were an alternative mode of reproducing logos and images on apparel - a process whereby insoluble ink is directly applied onto the actual item.

    The 1990’s saw a true revolution in cycling apparel; with Santini introducing new textile trends and methods of production to the cycling world. Years of development in the textile industry saw the launch of new, highly advanced polyester fabrics that were resistant to very high temperatures; paving the way for high quality sublimation printing on sportswear - a process were ink is diffused into the actual yarn of the fabric at temperatures greater than 200 degrees, which from a design standpoint enabled total customisation of the apparel, rapidly increasing produc tion time while also reducing costs.

    Meanwhile other advancements in textile manufacturing saw fabrics become more aerodynamic and much greater attention was put on the actual construction of the apparel. Bib short design became far more advanced not least in the development of the chamois - a variant with gel inserts was launched at this point, helping to absorb variations and improving comfort in the saddle.

    SANTINI SMS jersey UCI world championshipsResearch into new polyester textiles greatly progressed, combining other exotic materials into specially made yarns, such as carbon fibre strands, to create lighter, more durable and comfortable fabrics while stile controlling the percentage of polyester to preserve colour fastness. Huge developments in the realm of cutting and seeing were introduced to accomodate these new advanced materials - some of which were manufactured with specific textured surfaces to promote aerodynamic efficiency or other various fabrics that incorporated elements of h igh visibility while cycling in low light conditions. In some of the very last collections from this period certain fabrics were developed using nano-technology - creating apparel with antiallergic, anti-UV, water resistant and cooling or heating properties such as the Acquazero, BeCool and BeHot ranges of garments. Certainly this period saw Santini drive forward to accommodate the high technical demands of the modern cyclist.

  • You can't beat a Santini Windstopper Gilet!

    Being an online store, it's not always that easy to give out advice to customers.  We are available to speak to on the phone, we're on Twitter / Facebook and email, but it's not quite the same as a face-to-face chat.

    Over the years, our customer base has changed dramatically - with many new riders now enjoying riding a bike - something that we've been happily doing for years.

    The Matrix Fitness, Horizon Fitness and Wilier/Big Maggies Team-Issue Santini Windstopper Gilet from three years

    With all these new riders out there, advice that we used to get passed down on the club run, at races or at the local bike shop is not often out there.  So when a customer recently asked "Why do I need a gilet?" I thought I'd put a blog article together.

    In simple terms, a gilet is a sleeveless, lightweight jacket, usually made from a windproof fabric.  If changeable conditions look like they will effect your ride, a gilet (and arm and knee warmers) can offer some great protection from the elements, and if it happens to warm up, can be easily stored in a rear jersey pocket.

    Craft Active Safety Reflective Vest/GiletA gilet (along with a suitable baselayer) can also allow you to carry on riding in long sleeve jerseys for longer before Winter sets in for good when a more bulky, warm Winter jacket is required.

    Visibility is also an issue that can be addressed with a gilet.  If you commute to work in the dark and ride home in the daylight, or vice versa, adding a fluro/reflective gilet can enhance your presence on the road too.

    Although we are not a headline sponsor to any teams this year, we've supplied clothing to, Horizon Fitness and Matrix Fitness and a breathable, lightweight, windproof and packable gilet is an essential item in any cyclist's drawer - in fact the featured Santini windstopper gilets are all from Andy's cycling drawer!


    During the middle of 2014, we introduced an "Essentials" Santini Windstopper Gilet that was available in plain colours (red or blue) that took many of the elements in these team-issue gilets - just without the logos!  This was made to a specific price point of £59.95 as we were keen to offer great value for money. It's also a garment that we would be happy to pay for and wear ourselves.


    The combination of GORE's windstopper fabric on the front and a mesh panel on the back provides good compromise offering a windproof layer to protect your chest and increased breathability too. The mesh panel also reduces the volume of the garment allowing the gilet (or vest) to be packed/rolled into a rear jersey pocket.

    Why not just wear a rain jacket I hear you say?I personally tend to favour a gilet rather than a jacket.  No matter what the latest wonder fabric is, and there's plenty of them out there, a gilet will always breathe better. If you are working hard, adding a hard shell jacket is always the last thing you want to do, if you are out in light rain for 30-60 mins, a hard shell will often mean you get as wet from sweat as you would have done from the rain!  Of course if it's heavy rain, and the temparture is cold a hard shell is a good solution like this RAIN jacket from Santini.

    New for June 2015:  After the incredible success of the Rocket Espresso Milano collection, we have added a gilet to the items available that will also benefit the Dave Rayner Fund.  For every gilet sold, the fund will benefit from a £10 donation!

    The new Rocket Espresso Milano Windstopper Gilet is due for release on Wednesday 3rd June.

    Why release a brand new gilet coming into Summer you may ask, well you should have seen the wind and rain on our ride to work - perfect for conditions for a Santini Windstopper gilet!

  • Washing cotton caps - some simple guidelines

    Here at Prendas we're big fans of the classic and iconic cycling cap (or "casquette" depending on your preferred lingo). On the bike, off the bike, down the pub or on the podium we think its an important part of cycling's history and culture.


    The introduction of compulsory helmet wear in the peloton had seen the cap mostly disappear from the pro circuit and has therefore seen less and less riders and teams sporting them, instead preferring poorly made baseball caps with unoriginal designs being worn in their place when on the podium. Through its demise Prendas continued to sell cotton caps and are still offering a wide range today. A new cap delivery is usually the quickest to be opened so that we can see the new designs!

    Despite its gradual disappearance from pro cycling, the cap is always a must have item for hundreds of our customers whether as part of our 4 for £25 deal or as an add on with a jersey.

    In fact more and more people now seem to want to wear the cap due to the heightened interest in cycling history and via riders such as Mark Cavendish remaining loyal to the cap throughout his career. Its allure has definitely rubbed off on people eager to get caught up in cycling culture.

    Due to this, one of the most common emails we see more and more in our inbox each morning is from an unlucky soul who has incorrectly washed their casquette!  A repeat offender is the La Vie Claire cap with the original Tyvek ribbon from the 80's.

    We appreciate the efforts of our cap supplier to keep this cap as authentic and original as possible. In fact its still produced the same way it was 30 years ago, albeit with an updated composition.

    All of the caps we bought from Italy up to about 5 years ago were 100% cotton, hence the name. But in recent years the composition has changed to a 65% / 35% split in favour of Polyester. This updated composition helps the cap hold its shape and prevent excessive creasing. But without due care the ribbon can literally lose its colour after one cycle or wash.

    La Vie Claire Tyvek Ribbon 1Caps take on a multitude of sweat, dirt and grime with constant use so obviously you want to keep them clean and maintained to retain the fresh look they have straight out of the factory. In fact, Prendas now produce all of our own brand caps with an anti-bacterial ribbon inside which helps wick sweat faster and feels less abrasive on your head.

    Small production runs of caps can also add a "collectors" nature to various designs out there so you don't want to see a new addition come out of the wash faded, damaged and lifeless after one use.

    The label contained inside our cotton caps will tell you that they are suitable for machine washing, but Prendas recommend avoiding this if you have any uncertainty of the results. Whilst this doesn't apply to all caps, we don't recommend it as many factors can come into play that could damage your cap such as the machine its being washed in and the items being washed with it. A cap thrown in with lots of other clothing can also wash the colours and damage or snap your peak, which is another common side effect in cap aftercare.

    In our experience the best way to keep your caps looking new after a long ride is to do a quick, cool hand wash only (30 deg max) with a very mild detergents. This might not get rid of excessive dirt and road spray but it will remove the worst of it along with the buildup of sweat and ensure the cap is comfortable to wear on the next ride. After the wash just simply hang them up to dry. Tumble drying and ironing is also a big no no if you're unsure of the results.

    Following these simple guidelines and using a bit of common sense will ensure your caps stay looking fresh for a long time even after repeated use.

    Looking after your cotton cycling cap

    To summarise, when washing cotton caps:

    • Cool hand wash only (30 deg max)
    • Do not machine wash (despite the inside label)
    • Do not dry clean
    • Do not tumble dry
    • Do not iron!


    Thanks for reading!

  • Eroica Wool Jerseys arrive at Prendas!

    New for 2015, Santini have an L'Eroica branded collection that is inspired by some iconic wool retro jerseys preserved in their archives.

    We will not stock all of the items from this collection, but we are very happy to stock the Maglia Rosa Wool Retro Jersey and also the Italian Champion Wool Retro Jersey that are both part of the "Racing Heritage" range giving riders the chance to wear a highly accurate garment for the event.

    L'Eroica Wool Jerseys

    2015-05-11-santini-x-eroica-giro-d-italia-pink-maglia-rosa-wool-retro-jersey-ER1114ROSA_FRONT L'EROICA MAGLIA ROSA WOOL RETRO JERSEY - SHORT SLEEVE
    2015-05-11-santini-x-eroica-italian-champion-wool-jersey-ER1114ITALIA_FRONT L'EROICA ITALIAN CHAMPION WOOL RETRO JERSEY - SHORT SLEEVE

    Whilst it would be easy to copy and paste a load of marketing spiel, I thought it would be nice to feature a few jerseys that we've sold over the years that are directly linked to these two new eroica wool jerseys.

    Santini teams catalogue from 1996 showing fausto coppi jerseys

    Let's go way back to 1996 when Santini featured in their catalogue some fabulous team jerseys made from wool (L Guerra/Ursus, Atala/Pirelli, Bianchi/Ursus, Carpano/Coppi and Legnano/Pirelli) that they produced to be used during the 1995 production of RAI's 'Il Grande Fausto' film that was made for TV.

    Page from Santini's 1996 catalogue with some stills from RAI's film

    Amongst the team jerseys, there was also a pink wool jersey (maglia rosa lana) from the Giro D'Italia, the yellow jersey from the Tour de France and a replica of the Italian National Team jersey of the 1950s.

    Here you can see the Maglia Rosa

    At the time, Prendas did not sell these jerseys as the market for wool retro jerseys was not at all developed as the new, sublimated polyester was all our customers wanted.

    Fast forward to 2004 and we opted to sell a similar product that Santini offered as "Maglia Storica", Historical Jerseys.  These featured double pockets on the front, three buttoned rear pockets and a button up collar whilst being made of a 80% Wool / 20% Acrylic mix.



    Here you can see our advertisement from the Procycling Magazine with the pink and black jerseys celebrating the Giro D'Italia to compliment the Bianchi wool retro jersey that we were selling.

    At the time, these jerseys were not uber-popular, but as we try to offer something that our competitors do not - which we still do to this day - we eventually sold them all in the lead up to Christmas.

    Over time since 2004, retro wool jerseys have made a significant comeback largely thanks to events like L'Eroica, but in part also due to retro being popular in non-cycling high street fashion and of course due to those Rapha types in London.

    Fausto Coppi's 70th anniversary!

    In 2010, we sold these stunning, limited edition wool jerseys from Santini celebrating the 70th anniversary of Fausto Coppi's victory in the Giro D'Italia.

    Whilst the pink wool jersey was limited to 500 pieces world wide (we were lucky enough to get hold of 86 to re-sell) we commissioned the black version which was exclusively available from us and sold extremely well.    Both garments were sold within 3 months of arriving.

    The simply stunning, limited edition wool jerseys from Santini celebrating the 70th anniversary of fausto coppi's victory in the Giro D'Italia.


    Fast forward to 2015, we hope you like the Maglia Rosa Wool Retro Jersey that is now in our range.   Whilst we do concentrate on selling retro jerseys in modern fabrics for all to enjoy, but we do also sell a small selection of wool retro jerseys from Santini.

    It would be nice to think that somebody will enjoy riding their old steel bicycle whilst wearing an Eroica wool jersey that they purchased from us!   Maybe send us a photo if you do, we'd happily feature it on our Twitter and Facebook feeds.

  • Issue 75 – Special Edition Filippo Pozzato Italian Champion Jersey and Bibshorts

    When these special edition black Filippo 'Pippo' Pozzato Italian champion jerseys arrived at Prendas in December 2009 all chaos broke out!

    pippo-neroSantini produced a one-off skinsuit for Sgnr Pozzato for a charity cycle-cross race "Move to Improve" that was organised by Tom Boonen and Wilfried Peeters in Mol, Belgium.

    Of course Belgium is the spiritual home for cyclo-cross in Europe, but this event held in Boonen's home town featured a number of top road riders on a sandy course to raise thousands of Euros at the race and also a charity dinner the day before - with no doubt the odd Duval consumed!

    You have to remember that this was 2009!   Although Twitter and Facebook were about, the levels of information were nowhere near as good as was - which meant we visited the site 3-4 times every day for the latest news.

    So when the photo appeared, it took all of about 60 seconds before an email was fired off to Santini asking permission for us to commission a limited run of black Pozzato italian champion jersey and bib shorts.  After a bit of email ping-pong, an order was on the system and would be in production at the end of November!


    The special edition Filippo Pozzato Italian Champion jerseys arrive!

    As luck would have it, the first delivery to this highly anticipated Pozzato italian champion jersey and bib shorts arrived on the 14th December 2009 which meant we had many happy customers getting their kit in time for Christmas!

    pozz_ne_chaosTimes have changed now, the Prendas custom-made dispatch system is now highly developed and easily copes with hundreds of orders per day, but back then it was a pretty manually intensive exercise getting 100+ orders out in a day.

    Unfortunately, demand was such that we ran out within 3 days and then had to re-order twice, on the third delivery the matching long sleeve jersey and track mitts/summer gloves also arriving in June the following year.


    Pippo then later wore the kit in the 2010 Paris Roubaix as a tribute to the late Franco Ballerini, not sure he saw the kit on our website, maybe he did!  If you were not aware of how the "standard" white Italian Champion kit looked like, here's a photo I took at the 2009 Tour of Britain with him looking suitably Italian on the start line before the off!


    Although the Pozzato italian champion jerseys, gloves and bib shorts are long gone and are no longer available to purchase we do still have the Prendas own-brand matching cotton cycling cap and Italian Champion Coolmax socks that were created at the time for our customers to get the complete look!


    Whilst researching this blog article, I was delighted to find this photo of me with two Dan's
    (and Irish Champion Nicholas Roche) that we are still in touch with and we are happy to consider friends.  Step forward Dan Fleeman and Daniel Lloyd.


  • Issue 73 – Retro Team Del Tongo Colnago Jersey and Bibshorts

    If you look at the blog articles that we recently put together that feature retired products, you'll perhaps notice that any kit that is predominately yellow tends not to sell as well as others.

    It's not just us, you only have to look at the stock availability of a popular product that is available in a variety of colours, it's normally yellow that's left over.  This is one of the reasons why we will not be stocking the commemorative jersey from this years Gran Fondo Internazionale Felice Gimondi which we have done for most editions.

    Perhaps it's the association of the leaders yellow jersey (maillot jaune) for the Tour de France? Who knows!  Back to the Del Tongo Colnago Jersey!

    The Del Tongo Colnago jersey was in the European pro peloton for a number of years and they had a variety of different clothing manufacturers too!  Parentini, Castelli and Santini all sponsored the team with Santini making the kit from 1985 to 1991 - clothing world champion Maurizio Fondriest in 1989.


    Our replica  Del Tongo Colnago Jersey and Bibshorts

    Made from modern fabrics, the jersey design featured accurate Del Tongo and Colnago logos and came with three rear pockets and a 14cm short front zip to maintain the authentic look.


    The matching bib shorts were produced with two different seat pads (Coolmax and the most expensive TwistGel) and mesh braces.   We also had a long sleeve version with the colours reversed out as well as a matching cotton cap.


    Here's one of our favourite  riders - Franco Ballerini - in action aboard a Pinarello as in 1989 the team swapped from Colnago to the other Italian marque.  On the left hand side, you can see the world cup leaders jersey of the time Gianni Bugno in the background.2015-04-02-del-tongo-franco-ballerini

    Why can't I buy the Del Tongo Colnago jersey anymore?

    It's a long story, but we're pretty sure the Del Tongo Colnago jersey will never re-appear in the "Prendas retro peloton"!   Sorry to disappoint.

  • Issue 72 - Retro Team Raleigh/Banana Jersey & Cap

    Although not as iconic as the TI Raleigh retro jersey that we sell, we still think the Raleigh Banana jersey design is a classic from the 1980s - often seen on the front of the bunch during the televised city centre racing that was so popular.

    We approached Raleigh UK after we decided we'd like to reproduce the Raleigh Banana jersey and we were delighted to find they were happy to draw up an agreement between us and them.

    Both Geoff Giddings and Mervyn Jones were instrumental in making this project happen, without their co-operation and invaluable assistance, we suspect it would have failed at the first hurdle like so many of our trademark and copyright requests often do.

    Raleigh Banana featured in the Winning Magazine

    Getting the design finalised was pretty easy as Mick's vast collection of Winning Magazines contained various photos that gave us an excellent starting point.   Santini actually made the original team kit but did not have any original garments in their archive that we could reference.

    Raleigh Banana jersey arrives!

    The Raleigh Banana jersey arrived at the Prendas HQ in the middle of July 2010 just before Santini broke up for their summer vacations and we were delighted with the result!

    The Raleigh Banana Retro Jersey made by Santini with all the sponsor logos such as Reynolds, Campagnolo, Sturmey Archer and EliteThe matching cotton caps arrive a couple of weeks later - the design of the cap matching the jersey perfectly with the two different blue and yellow sides the opposite of the jersey.

    Raleigh Banana Cotton Cycling Cap

    Alls well that ends well!

    Although the Raleigh Banana jersey is no longer available at Prendas Ciclismo to buy, we do sell the Rocket Espresso kit that benefits the Dave Rayner fund by £10 for every jersey and pair of bib shorts that is sold!

    So far, we've donated in excess of £5,000!

    Dave Rayner in action during his early career.

  • Issue 71 - Retro Team KAS Jersey and Bibshorts

    Sean Kelly floating over the cobbles in the Spring Classics in the iconic KAS jerseyEtxeondo produced the original KAS team clothing in the 1980's and it had been on the top of our "retro peloton" list for some time.

    Over the years, we requested Etxeondo to reproduce this classic maillot but were always disappointed when we were told that Etxeondo were not interested in reproducing jerseys from their glorious past.

    It was really important for us to get the original manufacturer to make it for us as we felt the Etxeondo logo was an important part of the appeal.

    Eventually, we decided to back them into corner. A rather long winded and labour intensive project meant eventually we gained permission from PepsiCo to use the KAS logo on a retro jersey. PepsiCo own the name and still make a KAS product to this day!

    2015-03-19-original-sean-kelly-kas-jerseyAlthough Etxeondo have a great heritage in supplying pro teams - they didn't actually have an original pro issue team jersey at the headquarters, so it was amazing to find out that the big man himself lent them one from his archive.

    No prizes for guessing who's jersey this was when it came out of the washing machine!


    Progress in production....

    KAS Jersey is seen here in production at Etxeondo. The replica KAS Jersey is seen here in production at Etxeondo after having been sublimated and cut - ready for stitching!

    So the KAS jersey started to make their way from a request to actual product!  After a few issues along the way were resolved (don't ask!) we were delighted to see progress of the KAS jerseys in production!

    We also decided to commission Etxeondo to make us some matching KAS retro bib shorts too.  At the time we were selling a great deal of the DICOLOR bib short model from Etxendo, so it made sense to base the bib short on that.

    Made with out of LycraSport, with flexible mesh braces, the Behar Elastic Chamios and a super-keen price point, we were sure that at least a third of the people buying the jersey would enjoy some matching bib shorts.


    The KAS jersey & bib shorts have arrived!

    KAS Jersey by Etxeondo


    Once the hundreds of jerseys and bib shorts had finally arrived (February 2011 for those with an eye for detail), had been counted and were put up on the old Prendas website sales started arriving over night with customers happy to emulate the look of Sean Kelly, Acacio Da Silva, Pascal Richard, Jörg Müller, Jean-Luc Vandenbroucke et al.


    The matching KAS retro bib shorts

    Why can't I buy a KAS jersey then?

    Unfortunately, we no longer have a trading agreement with Etxeondo, so it is a product that will almost certainly never re-appear in the "Prendas retro peloton" sorry to say.

    Update July 2015

    We are very happy to update this blog article!  As of 3rd July, we have re-commenced our trading agreement with Etxeondo!  As time goes on - we'll add more products to our selection!

    If you are a Sean Kelly fan, we'd heartily recommend a copy of Lionel Birnie's Hunger.


    Mick at Etxeondo with Sean Kelly's original jersey.  Note the old zip puller and MAVIC logo that was omitted from the replica jersey. Photo: Ramon Mendiburu. Mick at Etxeondo with Sean Kelly's original jersey. Note the old zip puller and MAVIC logo that was omitted from the replica jersey. Photo: Ramon Mendiburu.
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