Issue 69 - The Cycling Anthology Book at Prendas; Volume 1, 2 & 3

When Lionel and Ellis first approached us about being part of the Cycling Anthology series we jumped at the chance. Although we only played a small part in it's success, we thoroughly enjoyed being part of the buzz that was about when Volume 1 of the paperback series landed. Along with Foyles, we were one of a very select few that stocked the book and we were delighted by the take up with both new and old Prendas customers.

Volumes 2 and 3 came into stock, and went out just as quickly, which actually resulted in some improvements to our dispatch department to keep up with demand.

Volume four (and five) are now published by Yellow Jersey Press, part of the Random House Group, which is one of the largest publishers in the world. This inevitably led to Amazon stocking the book at rock bottom prices which made no business sense for Prendas to stock it anymore.

If you do wish to buy it, our recommendation is to take a look at the excellent Foyles book store website where you can buy all five volumes of the Cycling Anthology. They even have some of the "old skool" covers by Simon Scarsbrook for sale still....

Cycling Anthology Volume 1

Cycling Anthology Paperback Book - Volume 1

The launch issue of Cycling Anthology book featured the fabulous cover art of Simon Scarsbrook and was a collection of 14 of the world's best cycling journalists, collated by editors Ellis Bacon and Lionel Birnie in a handy 272 page paperbook format - just like the Penguin paperback books of our college days!

Cycling Anthology Volume 2

Cycling Anthology Paperback Book - Volume 2

Volume 2 was a celebration of the 100th Tour de France Special - authors included Samuel Abt, Ned Boulting, Richard Williams, Daniel Friebe, Jeremy Whittle, Edward Pickering, James Startt and former Prendas supported rider Daniel Lloyd.

Cycling Anthology Volume 3

Cycling Anthology Paperback Book - Volume 3

The third volume of the Cycling Anthology book carried on the great quality writing with the collection of stories/essays by some of the world's best cycling journalists all in a handy paperback format! Sadly Volume three was the last issue that Prendas were to sell...

UPDATE: We are pleased to announce that Prendas Ciclismo will be stocking Volume 6 of the Cycling Anthology!  Sent post free in the UK, stock is due in October, and you can sign up for a stock alert on the product page.

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